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With a warm, humorous, and personal approach, this book explains what back labor is, how to recognize it, and what physical characteristics are likely to cause it. Using cartoons, illustrations of everyday occurrences, and her background as a mathematician, the author offers a unique method to relieve the pain of back labor and facilitate the baby's birth.

Additionally, the book explains why other natural childbirth techniques work. Finally, it relates the personal experiences of women who have used the technique and their astounding results! In short, this light-hearted, insightful look at labor reveals the causes of and solutions for the serious discomfort of back labor. Rooted in scientific principle, yet explained through common daily experiences, it is accessible to anyone- even between contractions!

The technique described in this revolutionary, new book has been applied with great success to:

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  • Abate The Pain Of Back Labor
  • Significantly Reduce The Pain Of Abdominal Labor
  • Shorten The Time Of Active Labor
  • Assist Sluggish Labors Progress
  • Bring On Labor When Past Due Date
  • Halt Running Legs